We have been asked by BALGF on behalf of Bromley Biodiversity to watch out for endangered species such as the Bull Toad and other endangered species. We have been putting up posters and taking part in butterfly and bee studies.

ButterflIES Pine Walk

Recently we have been identifying butterflies on the allotment. So far we identified Peacock, Brimstone, Orange Tip, Small White & Speckled Wood. We shared our findings with the local primary school on Community Day.

Brimstone Butterfly. Also spotted in July 2017.

Peacock Butterfly gathering minerals from the dry soil in 2017.

Bees at Pine Walk

Sunflowers very popular with bees, birds and mice (they ate all my seeds)

Taking part in the Great British Bee Count at the plots

Passion Flower - another favorite with bees.

This bee is carrying a glob of nectar on his legs - it is on its way back to the bee hive

Endangered animals in Bromley

Bromley Diversity have shared these posters with us to help identify endangered animals.

Toad spotted by tenant Feb 2018. Picture sent details to Bromley Biodiversity. (it looks like the one in the poster to me? Maybe a little less grumpy.)